Wound-About Inc. offers 3 and 4 strand ropes for all of your decorative and speciality use needs.  These ropes can be twisted using 3 or 4 strands as well as different stages of manufacturing for different looks.  We can manufacture these ropes in sizes from 3/32" to 3/4" in diameter and in fibers of Multifilament (MFP), Nylon (Nyl), Polyester (PSTR) and Cotton (CTN) Check out the pictures below to determine which strand and stage will work best for your application. Contact us us today for all of your 3 and 4 strand twisted rope needs.

1/8" Twisted 3 Strand         3/16" Twisted 3 Strand PSTR   3 Strand Twisted PSTR       Twisted 3 Strand Spun PSTR

 18 Twisted 3 Strand Polyester DSC0037 edited     316 Twisted 3 Strand Polyester DSC0036 edited     Twisted 3 Strand Cotton DSC0034 edited       Twisted 3 Strand Polyester White DSC0033 edited