Wound-About Inc., can manufacture Solid Braid rope to meet your needs.  A solid braid rope is manufactured with each strand braiding in the same direction which gives the rope the look of interlocking strands.  We have the capability to manufacture solid braid ropes in sizes 3/32" up to 1".  These ropes can be made using Multifilament Polypropylene (MFP), Nylon (Nyl), Polyester (PSTR) or Polyethylene (PE).  Contact us for more information on our solid braid ropes!



  9 strand Solid Braid PSTR             12 strand Solid Braid PSTR                 20 cord Solid Braid MFP               

Soild Braid 9 Cord Polyester Green DSC0042 edited  Solid Braid 12 Cord DSC0045 edited  58 Solid Braid 20 Cord MFP DSC0038 edited