Wound-About Inc., can manufacture Flat Braid/Tubular ropes for you! These ropes are simply braided and have no inner core. We can manufacture ropes in MFP, Nylon, Polyester and Polyethylene.   Contact us and let us help you with your Flat Braid/Tubular needs!


 Flat 12 Strand Over/Under-1         Flat 16 Strand Over/Under-1         Flat 24 Strand Over/Under-2        Flat 48 Strand Over/Under-2

Flat 12 Strand Over-Under-1 DSC0014 edited  Flat 16 Strand Over-Under-1 MFP DSC0012 edited  Flat 24 Strand Over-Under-2 DSC0013 edited  Flat 48 Carrier Tubelar Braid Over-Under-2 DSC0015 edited