Wound-About Inc. offers a wide variety of Double Braid ropes or commonly known as "braid on braid" or "2 in 1 braid" ropes.  This rope is manufactured with a braided inner core and then braided again over the core giving it the name Double Braid rope.  We can manufacture Double Braid ropes is diameters 3/16" up to 1". These Double Braid ropes can be used in many applications and can be braided in any fiber or we can combine fibers to meet the customer’s needs.  Contact us today for all your Double Braid needs!

Left: Single Strand Double Braid                                                                   Double Braid Rope

Right: Double Strand Double Braid            Aviation Tie Down                    with Spliced Eye

DoubleBraid DSC0016 edited                      Aviation DSC0024 edited              DSCN1476 edited