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Wound-About Inc., is a manufacturer of ropes and cords specializing in the design and manufacture of braided rope and twisted products. We manufacture braided rope for general use and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). We specialize in custom orders with rope diameters up to 1" in any fibers typically used in rope.

Wound-About Inc. can customize your order by providing services to meet your needs such as: splicing, coating, cutting rope to length, combining fibers, custom packaging, custom patterns and using speciality fibers. 

We have product lines for a variety of industries and are always looking for new opportunities for new industries.  Our most common industries include:

  • Marine: Sailing/Boating, Dock lines, Kayak/Canoe
  • Agricultural: Forestry, Arborist, Equine, Landscaping, Commercial Fishing
  • Industrial/Utility: Pull lines, Hand lines, Tying cords, Bale ties, Braided Protective Covers,
  • Dog Sledding: Musher Rope/Webbing, Dog Leads/Leashes, Gang lines, Necklines

WOUND-ABOUT, INC has been manufacturing braided rope since 1988 and continues to expand with the customer's needs. If you have a rope you would like made give us a call and let us help you with your rope needs!